Instructor shares tips for driving during wet weather

Instructor shares tips for driving during wet weather

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Patience can be one of your biggest assets when it comes to driving in the rain, but that doesn't just apply to when you're behind the wheel.

That was one of the tips shared by Al Gover, the director of Cape Fear Community College's truck driver training program, on Tuesday afternoon's News Now in the WECT Digital Studio.

Gover said roads are usually at their slickest shortly after rain begins to fall and waiting to drive can be safer.

"The longer it rains, the better your traction actually gets because the road oils are being washed away," Gover said. "The most dangerous time is right after the rain begins because it starts bringing the oils to the surface of the road and that makes it extremely slick."

Too much rain can cause water to pool on roadways and that presents a different type of danger: hydroplaning.

Gover said it doesn't take much puddled water to cause a vehicle to hydroplane and if a car has worn down tires, the threat is even greater.

"You might think you're just gonna blast right through it and spray water everywhere, but if your tires aren't in perfect condition, you can easily get yourself into a hydroplane and get up on the surface of that water instead of blasting through it," Gover said. "Once you're already hydroplaning, it's pretty difficult to regain control."

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