No Year-Round School in Brunswick County

September 20, 2005-- Like most third graders, the students in Ms. Herchenhahn's class are trying to master spelling. But next year they'll be unique. Their charter school, Roger Bacon Academy will be the only year-round school in Brunswick County. The Board of Education is ending year round classes at three public schools.

Belville, and Lincoln elementaries and Leland middle school will all move to the traditional schedule for the 2006-2007 school year. Many parents are just learning of the change as they pick their kids up at school. Many of them are unhappy with the news.

Superintendent Katie Mcgee says the switch was made because "Brunswick County is under a tight state budget, and in looking at program and personnel issues it becomes critical for the school system to align efforts and do it in an economical yet instructionally stable way."

Belville Elementary principal, Joyce Beatty has worked under both schedules, and wants to assure parents, children will still get a quality education. Many parents don't need convincing. Several mothers are excited to have their kids homes for the summer. Roger Bacon isn't changing though. The headmaster there is satisfied with year-round schedule.

No matter the schedule, one thing at schools never changes.spelling is hard.

Reported by Ashley Hayes