Wounded Officer Says He Will Return to the Force

SEPTEMBER 19, 2005 -- Two months after being shot and badly wounded, Sgt. Mike Fey joins co-workers, friends, and family for an Italian feast. "I'm glad I made it through all this. All the support helps make the recovery a lot easier, said Sgt. Fey.

In July, Sgt. Fey was shot in the neck by Larry Harrison Jr. Fey was trying to arrest Harrison the Houston Moore Housing Complex.

Harrison was killed by return fire from another officer. Fey can't remember what happened. "I've got a blank memory from two weeks prior up until I got out of the hospital," said Sgt. Fey.

Sgt. Fey says he will never forget the support he received. Fund raisers like the one at Carrabba's have helped Fey's family. His wife, Samantha Fey had to quit her job and is now expecting their third child. Fey already has plans to return to the force and the streets of Wilmington. "I don't have any fears or worries about going back to the streets," said Fey.

His co-workers are anxiously waiting his return and are ready to see him back in uniform.

Sgt. Kathy Cochran says, "He has truly made a miraculous recovery. We're all thankful and blessed."

Doctors say in nine months Fey will have fully recovered. He can put on his badge and go back to protecting the city convinced he has their support and their thanks.

Reported By Maggie Alexander