Make sure you're protecting your eyes in the bright summer sun

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Sunglasses are for more than just trying to look cool.

Dr. Chris Covington with Wilmington Eye was on WECT's News Now Thursday afternoon to discuss the eye protection benefits of sunglasses. Covington emphasized one recommendation above all others when buying sunglasses.

"What you're looking for is a sticker that says 100 percent UV protection," Covington said. "The tint of the lens is not necessarily a good indicator of protection. It's important that you look for that sticker or that tag."

Searching for the most expensive pair of shades will not necessarily guarantee the best eye protection, according to the doctor.

"(The cost) really varies," Covington said. "You can have more inexpensive glasses that have great UV protection and some that are very expensive that don't."

No matter what you pay for sunglasses, Covington said keeping your eyes shielded from UV rays is important to eye health.

"With UV exposure, you can get damage to the front surface of the eye, damage to the retina or the back of the eye can occur, a number of short term as well as long term complications can result from prolonged UV exposure," Covington said.

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