'It takes a parent to raise a child': Response to bathroom accident in country club swimming pool draws criticism, praise

'It takes a parent to raise a child': Response to bathroom accident in country club swimming pool draws criticism, praise

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WECT) - A country club's unusual public response to a child using the bathroom in its swimming pool is drawing criticism and praise online.

Olde Point Golf and Country Club in Hampstead emailed its members about the incident Sunday afternoon.

Marzana Zalik posted the same message from her Facebook page. Zalik co-owns the country club with John Francesco, according to the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

Olde Point Country Club's Pool Will Be Closed Tomorrow.

People posted positive and negative feedback online after the message was released. Most commenters took issue with the public way they felt the parent was shamed after their child used the bathroom in the pool.

"Will not eat where the owner has parent shamed someone for a pool accident! What the hell is wrong with you? Good Luck!," one person commented.

"My heart hurts that they think it's acceptable to post all over social media (over and over again!) slamming another mother/father for something that is not in their control," another person commented. "Being a parent is hard; we are always left feeling if we are enough... we do not need business owners from within our community name calling!"

"Responsible and professional owners!! Thank you for making sure we swim in clean water!" reads another Facebook comment.

"Despite someone e's negative approach, (sic) I think the situation was handled appropriately. No one was identified and maybe, just maybe, the parents will be more observant in the future so another incident doesn't occur," wrote someone else.

The swimming pool re-opened Tuesday morning, according to a Facebook post on OIde Point Country Club's public page. The post writer, who identifies himself as John, denied that the original post shamed anyone and defended the club's approach.

Staff at Olde Point Golf and Country Club declined to comment about the original post or provide a way to contact the writer. Zalik did not respond to a Facebook message for comment.

When a person's fecal matter is detected in a public swimming pool, there are recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Alex Vonsiatsky, owner and operator of Tidewater Aquatics, said a bathroom accident in a pool should be taken seriously and it's typical to close a pool for more than a day for cleanups related to loose stool in the water.

"Our first response is to close a pool," said Vonsiatsky.

Next, Vonsiatsky determines whether the feces is considered a formed stool or a loose stool.

"For formed stool, we basically add chlorine, bring the chlorine levels up, and we can close the pool for about 30 to 40 minutes, and then be back up and operational," said Vonsiatsky.

A loose stool, as in diarrhea, requires a more elevated cleanup response to prevent the spread of a parasite called Cryptosporidium.

"It can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for the chlorine to kill or deactivate Cryptosporidium," Vonsiatsky said of loose steal cleanups. "The ultimate rule and the safest thing is if you're not potty trained, you shouldn't be in the pool and if you've had a loose stool in the last three to four days, you really shouldn't be in the pool."

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