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Puppy rescued from sewer drain in Ballantyne

Credit: Charlotte Fire Department Credit: Charlotte Fire Department
(Micah Smith | WBTV) (Micah Smith | WBTV)

A puppy was rescued and reunited with her family after falling into a sewer drain in Ballantyne Thursday morning. 

Charlotte firefighters said the 5-week-old toy poodle was stuck in a drain on Evergreen Terrace Drive. The puppy, "M.J.," apparently fell six feet down into the hole. 

After nearly two-hours, rescue crews pulled the puppy out of the drain. 

"We just worked through locating the dog, putting a camera down the pipe, making sure there was no gases or bad atmosphere for the animal," Capt Charles Horne said. "We were able to see it, put a light on it and know where it was the whole time."

Crews ripped up a portion of a road to rescue the puppy. 

"So we dig two feet then we hand dig and probe the area to check the pipe. Once we done that we dig two more feet and check it – working down to the 8 foot mark," Capt Horne said. "Once we exposed the pipe we re-checked the dog, we continually watched it but we checked our distances, check with the probe then we removed the 2-foot section of the pipe."

"That created an air gap so we knew as we started to coax the dog backwards with the camera we can move it back into a safe area which we had already opened up and then the dog came right out and happy home owners." Capt Horne said.

Charlotte Water decided to foot the bill, using its maintenance funds to cover the cost as water and DOT crews work to repair the pipe and repave the road. Asphalt repairs usually cost $101.31 per square yard.  

The puppy reportedly fell inside a service pipe that services nearby homes. Water was shut off in the area while crews worked to save the dog. 

Officials dug two separate holes in case the puppy ended up further down in the sewage line. Crews created a "Plan B" option to follow the puppy's trail in case she got into the main line, making a way to catch her at the end. 

Crews with Charlotte Water and the Charlotte Fire Department assisted in the rescue. 

Repairs are expected to be complete by Wednesday night. 

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