Woman finds foster homes for rabbits after finding man with 16 in his backyard

Rabbit rescue: Woman finds foster homes for rabbits after finding man with 16 in his backyard

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - Jessica Morrison said her worst nightmare came true Tuesday morning.

She got a call from her friend about two large bunnies running loose in a Carolina Beach man's front yard.

When she got to the residence, she found 16 more, cooped in up cages outside made out of chicken wire.

Morrison works for the Triangle Rabbit Rescue based in Raleigh. So saving and helping rabbits is her passion.

The gentleman with the 16 rabbits told her the situation had gotten out of hand.

He purchased two rabbits last year, and days later, one of the rabbits had nine bunnies.

Another litter of bunnies was born in December and then another litter in February.

Morrison told the man that domesticated rabbits cannot live in the conditions he had provided for them.

"Immediately, I was sick to my stomach," Morrison said. "No individual especially an animal should ever have to live in those conditions. It was alarming."

Luckily, the man asked Morrison to help him find homes for the rabbits and legally signed owner relinquish papers.

Morrison was able to find foster homes for all 16 rabbits within 24 hours.

"It feels amazing because I know that not only do I but other people care just as much about helping animals get into the homes that they deserve," Morrison said. "And if feels like I'm floating on air because I've helped 16 rabbits have a better life. And that's very important to me."

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