Help it help you: AC maintenance tips for summer

Help it help you: AC maintenance tips for summer

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - As heat indexes soar to 100 degrees and higher, air conditioners will be working overtime to keep homes and buildings cool.

High heat can often push AC units to the breaking point, causing most heating and air companies to become inundated with calls during the summer months.

Justin Anderson, owner of Anderson Air, recommends calling immediately if you suspect your AC unit is having problems.

"Call right away. Get on the schedule. Everybody's company is backed up 3-5 days," he said.

In the summer months, air conditioning units may not function at their peak. Anderson says if they are keeping your house within 20 degrees of the set temperature on the hottest days, they're functioning properly.

"A lot of people call because their AC's not keeping up with the heat," Anderson said. "The biggest thing I tell everyone is, if it's maintaining (indoors) somewhere between 70-78 degrees, (it's working). When the houses start creeping up past 80 degrees, that's probably time for concern to go ahead and give us a call."

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