'It is a terrible fate': The risk your child faces this summer

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - With feels-like temperatures over 100 this week, the Wilmington Fire Department and other safety leaders want to make sure your child isn't left inside a hot car.

Experts say the temperature inside of a car can rise 20 degrees in 10 minutes and keeps getting hotter with each passing minute.

Wendy Giannini-King, with the WFD, said most of the kids left in cars suffer from heat stroke once their body reaches close to 107 degrees.

"It causes loss of consciousness and brain damage," said Giannini-King. "It is a terrible fate because a child's temperature can't regulate like an adult does. Leaving them in a hot car is fatal."

According to Safe Kids, at least 610 children across the United States have died in cars from heatstroke between 1998 and 2014.

Giannini-King encourages everyone to try and keep an eye out for kids trapped in cars.

"Heat stroke happens fast," she said. "It is preventable, so be vigilant. If you are in the parking lot at Walmart or the gas station or wherever and you spot baby in the car, then you have got to call 911."

She also added that local government does their best to also raise awareness about the issue.

"You might see a decal that reminds you to never leave a child in a hot car," said Giannini-King. "It has a thermometer on it, which is indicative of how hot the internal temperature is of this vehicle."

Here's a look at a side by side time lapse of how fast a car can heat up in the summer:

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