Scott's Farm & Family: Keeping success all in the family

Scott's Farm & Family: Keeping success all in the family
Scott's Farm & Family store (Source: WECT)

SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - Scott's Farm & Family store in Shallotte is where you go to get feed for your pups, pigs, name it. You can expect quick service at the right price.

But stay a little longer and listen to Diane tell you all about her husband's big dream, and the mini kangaroo, and you're in for so much more than an "About Us" section on a website.

Diane and Bill were childhood sweethearts. They did just about everything together from elementary school on.

Bill proposed to Diane after she graduated from nursing school and he became a CPA. His big plans for their life together involved moving to Chadbourn to work in a grain store.

"He gave me no choice," exclaimed Diane, laughing.

Bill started working on the business side of what was then Dixie Grain in the 60s. They had a son named Will, whose first job in the company was to run like wild through the warehouses and get in everyone's way - according to Will, now President.

In the 70s Bill bought the current owner out of the business and the Scott family took over, renaming it Chadbourn Feed. That name and sign still stands proud outside today.

For decades they operated as a bulk warehouse serving the farmers in the area.

Will could have run off to another city and chased a different dream but instead, he went from the graduation podium back to the feed store.

"Why would you run away from a good job and a great boss?" Diane asked.

She has a great point.

"When you're with people you love it's easy and you can have fun," she added.

Will and his wife Rhonda grew the business even further and today their two boys have also gone to college and come back to continue Bill's dream.

Tragically, the family lost Rhonda just a few weeks ago to ALS. Ask about her personality and what she believed in, and any member of the family will light up telling you about how hard she worked and how much she loved her children.

About two years ago they expanded into the Shallotte retail store.

While the Scott men may be lifting the heavy bags, it's clear the Scott woman run the ship.

Ask Diane what her job is and her list gets long quick - Grandma, bookkeeper, family matriarch or, as she calls it "The Leader."

"If you don't want her opinion, don't ask," warned Will laughing.

Bill passed away years ago but three generations of the family have kept it alive, just as he would have visioned.

The fourth generation of the store is now in training. But until he's potty trained he won't be picking up any big grain bags.

Visit them at their Chadbourn warehouse or head to 4718 Main Street in Shallotte to see their retail store.

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