Hoggard grad hopeful as she auditions for 'The Voice'

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Singing is an art that runs through Casey Jones' veins.

"I have been singing since I could walk," Jones said. "I have sang all my life, in church choirs, the choir at Hoggard (High School) and the Girl's Choir of Wilmington."

Singing in front of people isn't necessarily this Hoggard graduate's favorite thing, but Jones, 25, will be doing just that when she heads to Atlanta to audition for NBC's The Voice.

"Trying out for The Voice was honestly a dare," Jones said. "My friends tell me I can sing really well and they keep saying, 'You won't do it. No, you won't' so finally, you know, I just barked up the courage."

About 10 The Voice producers will see Jones live Saturday. She first had to send in a video submission before she was granted a spot in Atlanta.

"(Saturday) is supposed to be chaos," Jones said. "I am hopeful I can get a spot to be on the live auditions in Los Angeles in front of all the famous judges."

Jones says after doing some research, she noticed many participants don't sing nursery rhymes so she has chosen to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb.

"Just even going is an accomplishment," Jones said. "I am proud of myself for going. If I can get to the next step, it will be a dream come true, and this is worth chasing your dreams."

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