Time to vote? A short term rental hearing is set for next week

Time to vote? A short term rental hearing is set for next week
Short term rentals have been studied by city of Wilmington staffers for more than two years. (Source:WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - One of Wilmington's longest ongoing debates may be ready for a prime time audience.

A discussion and potential vote on the future of short term rentals inside the city limits of Wilmington is scheduled to go before Wilmington City Council next week.

City staffers have been gathering input and working on potential solutions since early 2016. The debate is not without passionate voices on both sides.  Those who oppose allowing short term rentals have voiced concerns with rentals being allowed in otherwise residential neighborhoods, while the other side welcomes the opportunity to make money.

As late as December last year, planning commission was discussing how to define a short term rental opportunity.

A city spokesperson confirms a public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday's council meeting.  City staffers will publish their findings on the issue Friday afternoon in advance of that hearing.  It is uncertain at this point if the documentation will include a recommendation for council on how to move forward.

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