Free water stations are hardly used, found in disarray

Free water stations are hardly used, found in disarray
Broken bricks and a disconnected hose at the Ogden Park Water Station. (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A groundwater distribution station installed to provide Cape Fear Public Utility Authority customers with GenX free water at no cost is barely being used.

The distribution station at Ogden Park was found in disarray Monday morning.

A sign identifying the station was torn down, bricks by the site were broken, the hose was disconnected and a used bandage was on top of the fountain.

CFPUA Operations Manager Frank Styers says a CFPUA maintenance worker was on site at 7:20 p.m. Sunday to read the meter. Styers says the site was vandalized.

"Originally we started reading the meters every day," said Styers. "But we decided later on just to read the meter once per week."

Those readings have consistently shown that an average around 200 gallons a day are used from the Ogden Park source. Those numbers have remained the same since the distribution station was installed in July 2017.

CFPUA spokesperson Peg Hall-Williams said the water fountains are typically used more than the distribution center.

Styers said water testing at the Ogden site will be done out of an abundance of caution and routine monitoring of the station will likely resume.

There are water distribution centers at both Ogden Park and Veterans Park. The water is free to CFPUA customers and comes from a ground source with no levels of GenX detected.

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