25-foot century plant close to bloom in Wilmington

25-foot century plant close to bloom in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - It easy to notice Mike Thomas' house on Renee Court in Wilmington. It's the one with the 25-foot century plant out front.

"A friend of mine gave me the plant as a housewarming gift," said Thomas. "It was about a foot and a half tall, maybe two and a half feet wide when I got it. Fifteen years later, it's a bittersweet thing because this plant will die after it blooms."

Thomas said the plant has become almost like a family member.

"I have been come attached to it," Thomas said about the plant.

The plant has grown over the years, but only in the past month has its long stalk started to grow and tower over his house.

"Amazing isn't the word," Thomas said of the plant's growth. "I could go to work in the morning and come home, and I would notice a foot growth in the stalk that day. It was growing about a foot a day."

After the plant blooms, it produces seeds that will fall to the ground. They can then be planted to grow new century plants, which Thomas hopes to do.

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