Schools out! Summer safety tips from Wilmington Fire

Schools out! Summer safety tips from Wilmington Fire
Summer safety tips to help keep your family safe. (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Monday marks the first day students in Southeastern North Carolina will not have to wake up early to catch the bus.

With summer vacation in full swing, Wilmington firefighters say there is a greater risk for certain injuries.

Assistant Chief Tom Roberson says the most important thing is for parents to be vigilant in watching their children at all times.

"Keep those electronic distractions away. Remember your kids are out there doing things and it don't take but just a second for them to get out of your sight, out of your way to where you don't know where they're at, or they're lost now or they're injured. Again, we're trying to get it all posted and videos for history but sometimes that's a bit more than what we need to be doing. So if we put away those distractions, really keep a good eye on our kids, that's the most important part," Tom Robinson.

Head injuries

"A lot of the calls we receive now because kids are out of school all the time is a lot more frequency on their bicycles, skateboards, hover boards, those type of things so making sure they have the proper helmets, elbow pads, knee pads those types of things is very important," Robinson said.

Swimming related injuries

"We also see a very big rise in water related incidents in swimming pools, the ocean, people not really familiar with their environment. People visiting the area tend to not take it quite as serious so they tend to be a little bit lax on watching their kids more. We really suggest keeping an eye on them, knowing where they're at in relation to you on the beach. Whether or not there's a life guard at the pool," Robinson said.

Robinson said water related injuries are not just tied to the beach. Pools, especially ones with diving boards can also pose a risk.

"Those diving board accidents. So if you're not sure they know how to dive then be sure you're watching that close as well," he said.

Sun-exposure issues 

Both sunburn and dehydration can cause children to become sick or end up in the hospital.

"Some other things we see on a regular basis of course is sunburn," Robinson said. "Not that we go to a lot of those calls but the ER and medics to see a rise in sunburn. They're in and out of the water a lot more, they're sweating a lot more so they need a lot more sun lotion applied more regularly than we might ourselves. And with that comes dehydration, not drinking enough water. A lot of times we see kids feeling bad, getting dizzy."

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