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Bill's Grill: Egg Stuffed Bell Peppers

Egg Stuffed Bell Peppers (Source: WECT) Egg Stuffed Bell Peppers (Source: WECT)

Your grill is sitting outside, there, in the backyard all summer long. Why not look at recipes that can have it fired up 24/7?

Here’s a time-tested recipe that can be used to make a a tasty fresh breakfast entrée:

Egg Stuffed Bell Peppers

All you need are a handful of ingredients that you may already have in the refrigerator or pantry.

  • 6 eggs                                                                                            
  • 3 bell peppers (red, yellow, green)
  • feta cheese
  • olive oil                                                                                        
  • oregano (fresh is best)
  • salt and pepper
  1. Cut the peppers in half and rinse out seeds.
  2. Throw face down on the grill for 7-10 minutes until the pepper softens and is slightly charred.
  3. Take off the grill and drizzle the insides with olive oil and salt and pepper.
  4. Sprinkle with fresh oregano
  5. Spoon in 1- 2 teaspoons of feta cheese.  
  6. Crack egg and slip into halved pepper.
  7. Return the peppers to the grill, over in-direct heat.
  8. Grill approximately 12-15 minutes or until the egg whites have set.
  9. Garnish with more salt, pepper and oregano.

Simple doesn’t matter if it’s not delicious.  Trust me, your family will love it. 

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