Celia Rivenbark roasts celebrity chefs in new play

Celia Rivenbark roasts celebrity chefs in new play

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - It's a play that's so naughty, we couldn't even say its full name on television.

The new show, from author and humor columnist Celia Rivenbark, along with writer Kevin Parker, is on stage at TheatreNOW in Wilmington from June 8 to July 28.

The show's central character is celebrity chef Nee Nichols (Elizabeth Michaels) who has a popular cooking show. The play follows her off-camera antics and those of her "perfect" (not really) family.

"I act wrote the part for her because Elizabeth is just brilliant, and this is what she was meant to do," Rivenbark said. "I know her range and she is such a good actress. The sweet women she is, she can really play the b-word."

Ken Campbell, Ashlynn Butrovich, Kai Knight, Erin Hunter and Jay Zadeh also star in the show.

Rivenbark said she and Parker were inspired by the cooking shows on the Food Network but wanted to explore the potential dark side of the celebrity chefs.

When asked if she had anyone specific in mind when writing the show, Rivenbark responded, "A hodgepodge of Food Network stars. I think people will recognize some things and there's a lot of jokes. My goal was a laugh a second."

She even has a burn for Wilmington's seeming obsession with Guy Fieri, who recently filmed segments at several Port City restaurants for his TV show.

"It's a quick joke but it's vicious," she teased.

For tickets, showtimes and details on the menu, click here.

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