Tips and apps to help keep you safe during hurricane season

Tips and apps to help keep you safe during hurricane season
Hurricane season began June 1. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Hurricane season started June 1 and lasts for five months.

In the digital age, there are ways you can prepare for a storm and tips to keep you safe during one.

Verizon Wireless offers up these reminders:

Have numbers handy - Program important phone numbers and take & store pictures of important documents (and account numbers) on your phone or tablet. Apps like AllDox can help you manage policies, medical records, etc. with a single password and email capability when you can't get to the originals.

Power Up - Keep phone and tablet batteries fully charged starting with any severe weather warnings and watches in case local power is lost. Have additional charged batteries and car-charger adapters on hand. Standby battery time on some phones and tablets ranges from several days to weeks. Check your standby time.

Track the Storm - If a storm is looming, make sure your devices are ready to track the storm and make emergency calls. Turn on Emergency Alert notifications and load it now with free weather-, news- and safety-related apps like the American Red Cross app and the WECT app. Use a dry bag pouch, waterproof case or use a simple zip-lock storage bag to shield devices from the weather. We like the dry bags because they can be fully submerged and have a touchscreen so you can still use your phone while it's protected.

Text, don't call - During an emergency, keep wireless networks free for first responders by using texts. Sending text messages will also help you save your phone's battery power, as they take less power than a phone call.

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