CONSIDER THIS: Billions of dollars about to be voted on without public discussion

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Elected leaders often get a bad rap for dragging their feet. There are some discussions that seem to take forever and if you're not following the process closely, you'd wonder if anything ever gets done.

It appears Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly are about to turn that notion on its ear.

A vote on the proposed budget for the state is on the fast track. There will be no amendments. The debate appears to be at a minimum.

Democrats are upset that the crafting of this plan was done behind closed doors.

Consider this: We're talking about billions of dollars that's about to be voted on without a public discussion.

We understand politics are coming into play on both ends here, but at its base, a democracy is supposed to be about debate, discussion, and ultimately a vote.

Sure, the Republicans control both parts of the General Assembly, so it's an uphill battle for Democrats to start. But does that mean we shouldn't even try the process?

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