Local Charities Take Hit after Hurricane

SEPTEMBER 9, 2005 -- At the Muscular Dystrophy Association office in Wilmington, the staff is busy making phone calls and folding flyers. They want to get the word out about fundraising events, like this year's MDA lock-up. They say in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, raising money for local needs is getting tough.  Jennifer Davidson, Program Director for MDA, says, "I think everything in the media right now is on this hurricane, so it's just human nature. People are feeling very inclined to give to Katrina and we just have to continue on and do what we have to do here locally also. So, we're asking people to be generous and give to both if they can and just move on so we can provide services also."

Other groups aren't feeling a pinch so far.  "No, not at all, but I'm sure that it's affected where people's money is going, but we haven't lost any fundraising because of it, I don't feel," says Howard Coupland. Coupland is a board member for September's Mission Foundation. This weekend, the organization is hosting an event to raise money for a memorial for the victims of the September 11th attacks, a memorial he says will represent victims everywhere.  "It's also a homage to all disasters that we as Americans can pull together and make sure we make it through."  And making it through, even if it requires one more phone call, one more flyer, is what many charities are trying to do.

The next big fundraiser for MDA is the Wilmington lock up. It's from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Wilmington's Courtyard Marriott on September 21.

This Saturday night, the September 11th Mission Foundation will be at Kefi on Eastwood Road. A ten dollar donation will get you in the door and the money will go to the endowment fund for the memorial.

Reported by Darcy Douglass