Police chief shares tips for staying safe at the beach this summer

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer season at our beaches.

Wrightsville Beach Police Chief Dan House is urging locals and tourists alike to bring their common sense with them to the beach.

"Our number one problem is consumption of alcohol," he said "People tend to make bad decisions when they come out, especially when they overconsume. So, that's mostly where we see the problems. We ask people to come out have a good time but use common sense."

He also asks that beachgoers leave the emergency lane on the sand empty.

"We have a safety lane at the top of the dunes and that's created so we can get emergency vehicles up and down the beach for people's safety so swimmers in the water they get in trouble we can get to them but also for other reasons," he said. "So, keeping that lane open is critical."

Chief House reminds beachgoers to lock their vehicles and leave any valuables at home.

He also recommends that visitors read over the rules of the beach, which are posted at every beach access.

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