Roundabout project may be delayed on Pine Grove Drive

Roundabout project may be delayed on Pine Grove Drive

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Residents living near the intersection of Pine Grove Drive and Greenfield Loop Road say daily traffic has become part of their routine.

John Harding lives nearby, and said he looked forward to the addition of roundabouts to ease the gridlock.

"If and when used correctly, there's no faster way to maintain a steady flow of traffic," he said.

The roundabouts were part of improvements on Pine Grove Drive included in the 2014 Transportation Bond, a $44 million commitment made by voters to improve city roads.

Wilmington City Spokesperson Malissa Talbert said Thursday the roundabouts may be reconsidered after an extensive traffic study in the area.

"After the bond was approved, we heard a lot of concerns about roundabouts because we know that's new to Wilmington, relatively speaking, something new that's going to require a lot of education," Talbert said.

Construction on Pine Grove Drive was slated to begin this year, but that could change after the study is evaluated.

Talbert said other projects included in the bond are on track, and six have been completed. She said the Love Grove Bridge access was a prioritized project, and opened to traffic last month.

Talbert said a lot of work is required before construction can start on many of the projects, but the city wants to make sure each improvement is done correctly.

"It's the public's money and we want to make sure we're spending it responsibly," she said. "It does take longer than we would like sometimes, but at the end of the day, it's going to be a better project for everybody."

You can find a full list of 2014 Transportation Bond projects here.

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