Algal bloom discoloring water at Greenfield Lake

Algal bloom discoloring water at Greenfield Lake
An algal bloom at Greenfield Lake is turning the water green, according to city officials. (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - If you've driven past Greenfield Lake and noticed the water is looking a little green, you're not seeing things.

Officials with the City of Wilmington said Wednesday that an algal bloom — likely filamentous or planktonic — is flaring up at the lake, which is common this time of the year as temperatures begin to rise combined with the relatively shallow depth of the lake.

City officials are waiting to see if rains from an approaching weather system will wash away the algae from Greenfield Lake. If the algae remains, they will chemically treat the lake.

Officials attribute the algal blooms at the lake to stormwater runoff pollution, mostly caused by pet waste and other things like oily water running off pavement.

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