Group Offers Transportation to Hurricane Victims

Joshua MacFarlane
Joshua MacFarlane

SEPTEMBER 7, 2005 -- Inside Joshua MacFarlane's Wilmington home phones ring as email after email fill up his computer screen. MacFarlane is at the center of a grassroots organization created to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

"We are setting up a nationwide transportation network to get survivors from evacuation cities to housing arranged or connected with family and friends," says MacFarlane.

One week into the operation MacFarlane's living room has been transformed into a makeshift base. It's where evacuees call in and ask for help.

The "Katrina Caravan Rescue," as it's been named, is quickly growing beyond what MacFarlane's small living room can handle. Members of Port City Assembly Church are pitching in, but as a newly formed congregation of 14, there is only so much they can do.

So far the rescue group has been overwhelmed by community support.

And it's the survivor stories that keep MacFarlane answering phones and arranging rides. He just hopes Wilmington residents will help him continue to make the trips possible.

Reported by Ashley Hayes