Officer Shooting Investigation Complete

Sgt. Michael Fey
Sgt. Michael Fey

SEPTEMBER 7, 2005 -- The investigation into what happened during the shootout at the Houston Moore Housing Complex in Wilmington is complete. District Attorney Ben David says the officers' actions in killing fugitive Larry Harrison, Jr. were justified.

"The officers acted properly and heroically. There will be no criminal charges," says David.

During that early morning in July, the report concludes Harrison shot Sgt. Mike Fey and for the first time, we're learning about the sequence of events.

The State Bureau of Investigation report says Sgt. Fey was chasing Harrison in the housing complex when Fey shot him with a taser gun, but the taser didn't work.  Harrison then fired his weapon. Witnesses say it hit Fey in the neck. After seeing it unfold, Officer Jason Oaks told investigators he emptied his weapon, killing Harrison.

Chief Ralph Evangelous stands behind his officers, saying Harrison is the one to blame.

"I think we did everything we possibly could using the least amount of force possible. He elevated it. He pulled that gun out and started firing multiple rounds," says Chief Evangelous.

The report says Harrison was at Houston Moore selling marijuana when a woman saw him and called 911.

Sgt. Fey is recovering at home. It's unclear if he'll ever rejoin the police force now cleared by investigators of any wrongdoing in the shootout.

Reported by Maggie Alexander