Holden Beach residents, visitors attempt to get beached shrimp boat back out to sea

HOLDEN BEACH, NC (WECT) - It is the fifth day of a shrimp boat being stuck on the shore of Holden Beach and residents, tourists, and visitors have come together to do everything they can to get it back out to sea.

The boat, called Big Earl, beached on Thursday night.

Steve Sexton, a Holden Beach resident, said about 60 people were out by the boat yesterday with ropes tied to each end, rocking it back and forth attempting get some progress made. He said that because it was stuck on a sandbar, there was only so much they could do.

Sexton said the boats captain is at a loss of what to do.

"He's just at his last straw," Sexton said. "He doesn't know what to do. You know, it's physics and engineering right now that's going to get this boat out of here, that's all it is. There isn't no amount of shrimp boat working you can do that's going to get it off here."

According to Sexton, rescue officials have been on scene but the costs of towing are too high for Big Earl's captain to justify spending.

He said unless there is oil leaking from the boat or some other environmental hazard, officials are going to leave him to his own devices.

Two other smaller boats have also tried hooking up to Big Earl but that failed as well.

On Monday, another resident, Michael Stanley, rented an excavator to dig the sand out from underneath the boat.

In one of Stanley's Facebook posts, he said they were able to make some progress but they will be back out Tuesday morning to keep trying.

The captain apparently has about another 80 feet to get his boat back out to sea.

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