What does the NC Education Lottery actually fund?

What does the NC Education Lottery actually fund?
Thirty percent of funds from the NC Education Lottery go back to education. (Source: WECT)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Teachers from across the state are days away from rallying for better pay in Raleigh. But some have asked why teachers are demanding more money when schools are already getting millions of dollars per year from the education lottery.

Around 30% of the money from lottery sales actually goes to education in North Carolina. In 2017, that was $622.5 million.

Of that $622.5 million, zero dollars went to teacher salaries.

The NC Education Lottery used to fund part of teacher salaries, but according to media representative Van Denton, teacher salaries have not been included in the funds since last year.

The majority of all funds, 63% of last year's total, went to 'non-instructional support staff,' which Denton said includes administrators and custodians.

Of the five counties that make up Southeastern North Carolina, New Hanover County received the highest amount of funding from the education lottery with $10,855,870.

Brunswick County received $5,148,781 in 2017, followed by Columbus County with $3,703,444.

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