Brunswick commissioner 'strongly encourages' Delco company to seek methyl bromide alternative

Brunswick commissioner 'strongly encourages' Delco company to seek methyl bromide alternative
(Source: WECT)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The chairman of the Brunswick County Commissioners has expressed his opposition to a Delco-based shipping company's plan to treat logs with a potentially toxic gas.

Frank Williams released a copy of a letter he sent to Malec Brothers Transport LLC on Monday addressing his concerns about the company seeking a permit from state regulators to use methyl bromide to fumigate logs for pests prior to shipping.

Malec Brothers operates a shipping facility in the Delco community of eastern Columbus County, about a mile from Brunswick County as well as Acme-Delco Middle School.

The proximity of the company's operations to the middle school has sparked outrage from the public concerned about the health impacts associated with the gas.

"While I do not generally stick my nose into the business of other counties, the proposed operation's proximity to the Brunswick County line and my constituents in that area, as well as the inquiries and comments I have received from those constituents, compel me to send this letter," Williams wrote.

Williams went on to say that while he supports economic expansion in the region as well as controlling regulations, "the benefits of any proposed project must outweigh the likely adverse impacts and perceptions created by that project."

"With that said, I strongly encourage your company to seek an alternative treatment method that does not include the use of methyl bromide," Williams said.

State officials on Tuesday plan to hold an information session and a public comment period about Malec Brothers' air permit application.

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at the East Columbus High School Auditorium.

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