Consider This: The North Carolina Lottery

It took some maneuvering and last minute negotiations, but state senators have finally passed the long-debated lottery bill. That means money that has been flowing freely to play numbers games in Virginia and South Carolina will stay here.

Congratulations to those senators who decided enough was enough, and to help our own students and schools at home.

The lottery will generate millions of dollars. From the very beginning, Governor Easley has promised that lottery revenue will be used for schools and educational programs. It is our hope that it will result in additional funding for new school construction to eliminate overcrowding many schools are facing.

Like it or not, the lottery is coming to North Carolina.  And sure, you'll hear stories about those who strike it rich. But keep in mind, the real winners will be our students, finally getting the facilities they need to learn in, and the educational opportunities they have been missing.

That's what we think...tell us what you think.