Neighbors blame DR Horton for flooded backyards

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Neighbors woke up to flooded yards from Tuesday's downpour and say they warned their developer a nearby construction site would cause major headaches.

"We went through some pretty torrential rains during the hurricanes," Ed Small, a Carolina Shores resident, said. "Never ever did we see water raise up and come back to the property like this morning."

Homeowners in The Farm at Brunswick say the battle with developer DR Horton hit a breaking point when they found the majority of their yards submerged.

"When you've got three-fourths of your backyard underwater — and I'm not saying a little — when you've got two feet of water in your backyard and your trees are falling over, it's a major problem," said Teresa Holley, a homeowner in the neighborhood. "There's nowhere for the water to go except on our property."

Holley said "marsh-like" land was used to protect her home and others on her street from flood waters by containing the rain. That area of land was taken away when construction crews started work on the new development behind her house.

Holley explained the developer obtained the necessary permits to build on the plot of land.

"It's legal and they've wiped their hands of it," Holley said.

The four-year resident says while the development is legal, she wants DR Horton to improve drainage systems and assure homeowners a solution to the flooding problems is on the way.

The new homes are built at a level often higher than the current homes sitting yards away. Holley worries her flood concerns won't go away anytime soon because of the higher elevation.

"There's nowhere for the water to go except on our property," Holley said, predicting the runoff from the new development will end up in her backyard.

A media relations representative with DR Horton said the company does not comment on these matters over the phone and asked for questions to be emailed. We emailed a list of questions to the developer early Tuesday afternoon and have not heard back.

"We don't really get much support from them at all," Small said. "It's been beyond disappointing."

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