Uber driver reacts to increased background checks by ride-sharing service

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Ahead of a busy weekend shuttling passengers, Uber drivers are facing increased security measures, including more background checks.

The company announced it will double down on safety features, like adding a button inside the app to call 911.

"That makes me feel safer as a rider to be able to know that I can if anything were to happen, and two, it almost scares the Uber driver to know that they can't do anything wrong," said Uber passenger Jeremy Flores.

Uber also announced that drivers will be subject to yearly background checks.

Leonard Phillips has driven for the ride-sharing service for several months, and said he's in favor of improved safety measures for passengers.

"I think it's a good idea," he said. "I don't see it as regulation. I see them as safety features for the safety of both the rider and the driver and I'm all for that."

Phillips added that Uber performed a background check when he first started driving for the company, and he wouldn't mind if checks performed regularly.

"I'm not worried about them checking my background," Phillips said. "They've already done it once, and I haven't done anything in the past three months that would keep me from driving."

According to Uber's website, users will soon be able to access a safety center in the app, "including tips built in partnership with law enforcement, driver screening processes, insurance protections and community guidelines."

In March, a former 72-year-old Uber driver was arrested after being accused of secretly videotaping a sexual encounter with a passenger.

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