Consider This: No opinions, just facts in WECT's news coverage

Former United States Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan is credited with the famous quote: "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."

It seems now more than ever that's a difficult thing to consider.

Social media has made the speed of misinformation faster than ever.

Let me attempt to clear a few things up about our operation here in Wilmington, North Carolina.

We are a local television station. The people who work here live in this community, drive on our roads and shop in our grocery stores. We care about the success of this community.

At the same time – our news team makes local decisions on coverage. Everyone has a natural bias through their life story…that's unavoidable. So, our team focuses on making sure we serve the greater good while minimizing harm. The news team makes those decisions together. You may not always agree with them but they are made sticking to that standard as closely as possible.

And our ownership is Raycom Media, out of Alabama. The only "opinions" you'll see on this station are in this segment and what we determine what we talk about here…not the management out of Alabama.

Consider this: It's easy to just call something "fake" if you don't agree – but tougher to argue your point in an effort to bring about a greater understanding.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

That is what professional journalism means.  We need facts to make our own opinion.


Thank goodness!  Headlines today feel like nothing more than personal takes and it's refreshing to think that actual facts may have a central role in news coverage again.  However, I can't help but notice that merely two stories down, the headline purports to know what an individual does or does not believe.  I applaud the facts based stance of this news site, but I would further encourage steering away from lightly veiled opinion based articles that toss in the occasional "reportedly".  If a headline reads, "Hillary Believes She is God" and the text of the article clarifies, "Hillary reportedly believes she is God" or "WECT staff member reportedly believes there should be a holiday honoring David Duke", the bias still shines through. Never mind what the target actually believes or does not believe, reportedly they believe such and such and any culpability in printing such is cleared by the term "reportedly".  If both opinion and bias could be removed from "news" reporting, that would really be a success story for everyone.  That said, I do see and appreciate the effort on WECT's part to avoid opinion based articles that so frequently roam far from the editorial section in most news sources.


Arrogance knows no bounds.  No one needs to hear your pathetic opinions.  Just do your jobs, if able.

I agree all are not able to choose their own facts and we rely on WECT to give us the facts.  However NBC news has historically chosen what facts to report, ignoring those facts they do not like.  Specifically when liberal politicians (such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders) are in the news.