DREAMS battles hunger with learning kitchen

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The DREAMS Center for Arts Education hopes to battle hunger in New Hanover County with the Learning Kitchen.

A $30,000 grant from the Landfall Foundation will allow DREAMS to construct the basic infrastructure needed for a kitchen and catering facility for culinary arts programming.

DREAMS hopes to help the more than 16,000 people in New Hanover County who lack access to fresh food and vegetables.

"We see that as an after-school program," said Executive Director Matt Carvin. "These kids come in. They take what they can get at school in their free and reduced lunch programs. What we try and do in addition to supplying them with free of charge artistic educational opportunities is to give them a snack and meals. That will help engage them creatively and educationally, so they can walk home and have sustainable living practices."

Carvin also added the new kitchen would be an extension of the garden program at Dreams.

"This is taking it another step to where we can do farm to table and actually prepare the vegetables that we are growing here at DREAMS," he said. "We have about 300 lbs worth, and we are creating art out of that. The art of cooking so to speak, so that our kids can walk home with fully prepared meals and also the knowledge of how to keep doing that."

Leaders with DREAMS said they're still in need of more donations and grants to finish the project, but the Landfall grant will help them get the basics of the kitchen completed.

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