Local Gas Stations Running Out of Gas

AUGUST 31, 2005 --One GoGas in Wilmington has no gas. At least if you're filling up with regular and premium.

It was bumper to bumper just moments before they closed the pumps. An employee at GoGas says this is the wrath of Hurricane Katrina in Wilmington. A majority of their gas comes from the Gulf, but with rigs damaged and oil refineries shut down, it's hard to tell when they'll be gassed up and ready to go again.

While gas is almost gone on the 17th Street station, the prices are swelling at other stations. This is leaving drivers with less money in their pockets, especially those who make a living driving.

"I'm losing about $100 a week from this time last year," says Bert Weisgal who works for Lett's Taxi in Wilmington.

Weisgal can't raise his fares, so he'll have to pay the price. And others will have to find another place to "GoGas" up.

Reported by Maggie Alexander