Military Cutoff neighborhoods joining forces with the hope of slowing development

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington city leaders say they're confident in the city's comprehensive plan for development, but many in the Military Cutoff Road area are not.

Organizers from Landfall, Sea Spray Landing, and other nearby neighborhoods are working to join forces in hopes of slowing some of the development.

Terry Reilly, a landfall resident, says most of the community members are not anti-development but are for smart development.

"I'm not anti-development and I know a lot of people aren't, we really need development in Wilmington it's the fuel that keeps us going," he said.

One of his main concerns is the density of some of the proposed developments, such as the number of apartment units proposed for Arboretum Village and Arboretum West.

"It can't be just, well we don't like development you know it's going to be outside of our area and we're going to sit in more traffic," said Reilly. "Because there are some good things. There are some excellent things about development but we need to talk about how Military Cutoff is going to be re-designed, what's good and bad about that. What are the kinds of things going in? What's happening to the environment? Not speculation but hard facts."

Reilly stressed the safety concerns stemming from an increase in traffic congestion, citing studies which link more traffic to more accidents.

"First do no harm, at least keep us safe," Reilly said.

A core group of organizers plans to use social media to reach a large number of people in the area.

Reilly said they plan to meet with NCDOT and other entities to get more information.

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