Lottery Coming to North Carolina

AUGUST 30, 2005 -- North Carolinians will no longer have to travel across state lines to buy lottery tickets. A lottery bill cleared its final hurdle in the North Carolina State Senate on Tuesday.

Two Republican opponents missed the vote.  One was sick and the other was on his honeymoon. That led to a tie vote broken by Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue, a lottery supporter.

New Hanover County Senator Julia Boseman voted yes. The Democrat calls it an historic day.

"This is a huge victory for New Hanover County and the children of North Carolina," said Boseman.

Polls show a majority of North Carolina residents want a lottery, but not everybody.

"They say the money will go to education, but will they take that out of the budget we already get? I have a lot of misgivings about it," said Wilmington resident Cacki Taylor.

Senator Boseman believes the lottery income will help education.

"Over three million dollars will come to New Hanover County for local school construction, reducing class size and scholarships for those who can't afford education," said Boseman.

The bill passed in the House back in April. Now it heads to Governor Easley's desk. He says he'll sign the bill Wednesday morning.

Reported by Maggie Alexander