Search Suspended for Plane Crash Victim

AUGUST, 29, 2005 --A shoe sits inside a trailer filled with debris from the plane crash. That shoe is the only clue to the person still missing.

Sheriff's deputies say the Seawind 3000 took off from ILM and crashed near Figure Eight Island around 2:00am.

The Coast Guard located the body of 46-year-old Cathy Hathaway of Wilmington. The plane owner is 56-year-old Bracey Bobbitt, also of Wilmington. Deputies believe he was the second person on board.

Michael Todd was hanging out with friends on a sailboat when he saw the plane fly overhead and heard the horrifying crash.

The plane was a Seawind 3000 investigators say it's made of fiberglass and if it hits the water, can shatter like glass.

Now they as try to reassemble the plane and its cockpit, they begin with a single shoe.

Bobbitt recently moved to Wilmington. His family lives in Western North Carolina.

Hathaway was a well known hair stylist in the Wilmington area.

Reported By Maggie Alexander