Pender Co. Schools launch safety campaign, website dedicated to school safety

Pender Co. Schools launch safety campaign, website dedicated to school safety
Pender County School's safety website, (Source:

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Pender County schools are working to be proactive when it comes to school safety.

At the Board of Education meeting Tuesday, school leaders unveiled a new safety campaign in coordination with the Pender County Sheriff's Office.

The 'Report don't Repost' campaign is aimed at changing the way students handle school threats.

Miranda Ferguson, the communications coordinator for the school system, and Captain James Rowell of the Pender County Sheriff's Office created an educational video to be posted on the schools website and social media accounts.

Signs will also be posted both inside and outside of school building to remind students that sharing or reposting a threat made against a school on social media is a felony offense.

The school system has also created a website,, dedicated to school safety.

"It's a way for them to access any type of safety information that we have. So we've got some of our school safety things that are happening at our schools on there, there's also the report don't repost link there and that goes directly to a form that families, students, anyone can anonymously report information to us and we can make sure we're investigating information that way," said communications coordinator Miranda Ferguson.

On the website, students can anonymously report any information regarding school threats through an online form.

"We're really just encouraging people to report this information instead of reposting it, or just seeing it, and hearing it, but not doing anything with it. We want to make sure our schools are safe, so we're going to investigate everything," Ferguson said.

The website also has information about school safety measures, suicide and bullying prevention resources, and a link to the Pender County Sheriff's Office site.

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