Pender Co. man repairs old bikes to give to kids for free

Pender Co. man repairs old bikes to give to kids for free

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Bringing joy to kids, one free bike at a time, is one Pender County man's latest mission.

Darryl James was put out of work as a heavy equipment mechanic and put on disability three years ago after being diagnosed with vertigo – a balancing disorder.

He happened to be talking to a kid around Christmas time that year and the kid told him all he wanted for Christmas was a bike, but his family couldn't afford it.

James saw this as the perfect opportunity to start a new venture in life.

He had been looking for something to do since being out of work and he found that repairing bikes was the perfect fit.

James buys old broken bikes or people will donate their old bikes and he will fix them up and give them to kids for free at the parent's request.

"It's one of those things that it touches me because I have parents in tears and I have kids that are just over-joyed," James said. "So every one that I give away and see a smile is a blessing because I've seen that I have helped to bless them to get something to make their lives better."

Around Christmas time this past December James reached out to Pender County Schools to see if they knew of any students in need of bikes for the holidays.

He was able to repair and give away 28 bikes to students at Rocky Point Elementary School, who would not otherwise be able to afford to buy a bike.

James doesn't just give away bikes at Christmas time. He does it anytime of the year.

James hopes one day to be able to give bikes to kids all across the country.

Anyone who needs help with getting a bike for their kid can reach out to James. He also said that he is always accepting donations of peoples old bikes.

To get in contact with him, you can reach him via his Facebook page or call him at 910-231-2390.

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