Co-defendant sentenced in woman's overdose death

Co-defendant sentenced in woman's overdose death
Jonathan Alan Foster (Source: NHCSO)
Daniel Lees Masciotti (Source: NHCSO)
Daniel Lees Masciotti (Source: NHCSO)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A second Wilmington man is headed to prison after pleading guilty in connection with the overdose death of a woman back in November 2016.

According to the District Attorney's Office, Jonathan Foster, 29, on Tuesday entered a guilty plea to involuntary manslaughter, conspiracy to deliver heroin, and possession with intent to deliver heroin.

He was sentenced to 47-85 months in prison.

On Nov. 1, 2016, Foster and Daniel Masciotti purchased ten bags of heroin and then picked up Masciotti's girlfriend, Alexandra Hammitt, and headed to Foster's home in New Hanover County.

Hammitt asked Masciotti to inject her with two bags of heroin, while Masciotti and Foster both injected themselves with four bags of heroin. Shortly afterward, Hammitt began to overdose and was in obvious need of medical attention.

Foster, who was on probation at the time, did not want law enforcement to come to his home so he and Masciotti tried to get a third person to come and administer Narcan to Hammitt. That person declined, so they decided to take her to the hospital.

Masciotti drove Hammitt, who was unconscious and unresponsive, to the hospital.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office was notified of the overdose and responded to the hospital to investigate. Detectives interviewed Masciotti who said he found Hammitt in a yard in the Ogden area.

When confronted with the implausible aspects of his story, Masciotti said that Hammitt had actually overdosed at his grandmother's house. Masicotti's grandmother denied this happened when she was interviewed by detectives.

Masciotti eventually admitted that Hammitt overdosed at Foster's home and that he and Foster purchased the heroin that Hammitt overdosed on.

Detectives confirmed this with Foster who said he didn't want law enforcement at his home because he was on probation. Foster also told detectives that he texted Masciotti and told him to delete all the text message between the two of them. Foster also said he told Masciotti that he didn't have to talk to detectives about Hammitt's overdose.

Hospital staff managed to get Hammitt's heart beating but she remained in a coma until she died on Nov. 4, 2016. An autopsy revealed she had consumed both heroin and fentanyl.

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