Carolina Beach approves ordinance allowing pedal pub business

Carolina Beach approves ordinance allowing pedal pub business
Carolina Beach leaders voted against a pedal pub application Tuesday night. (Source: WECT)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - Carolina Beach leaders voted Tuesday night to approve commercial pedal vehicles that allow passengers on board to drink alcohol.

Town council reviewed an application in February for a pedal pub style business, but now have an ordinance they'll vote on with specific rules.

Some of those rules include that companies wouldn't be able to provide riders with alcohol, riders would have to either bring their own or stop at bars or restaurants along the way. The bikes also wouldn't be able to drive on Dow Road or North and South Lake Park Boulevard, except to cross intersections.

Matt Hamlet and Tina Bell submitted an application to the town to consider their pedal pub business, Pleasure Island Coastal Cruiser, in February.

Part of their motive for the business is to keep money on the island rather than have vacationers travel over the bridge into Wilmington to ride on a pedal pub-style bike, they said.

They say it's not like typical pedal pubs, and would be more of a tour around the island to highlight parts of Carolina Beach.

"Tina and I wanted to bring the pedal pub concept to Carolina Beach in order to display all that Carolina Beach has to offer in our community. There's a lot of tourists come here to see, but they don't see everything, and we wanted to be able to display things from restaurants that are on the island bars and interesting tourist attractions from things that are historical to the state park that many people bypass," Hamlet said.

Bartender Faith Carrigan at The Fat Pelican is on board with the concept.

"It'll bring more people out in the summertime. People rather than driving or whatnot, they could cruise around on the trolley thing. Tourists would love it," she said.

"I think it's a pretty neat idea because they'd probably be stopping here," Carrigan said.

Next month, the council will need to approve the businesses proposed routes and business plans.

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