Photographer reflects on art teacher's influence in his lifelong work

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Advice from an art teacher when he was 12 years old helped guide Harold Hodges in his work as a photographer.

"She told me, when I was complaining about having nothing to take pictures of, that if I looked around me 360 degrees in every direction that I could find something," Hodges recalled. "If you did and honed in on that and took it one step further, you found that good composition and you made it a point of departure and that point of departure would take you places you never dreamed of."

Hodges said he remembered that advice as he continued to snap pictures.

Now, his work culminates in a collection at Art in Bloom.

"Photographic Reflections by Harold Hodges" will be on display from March 16 to April 28.

In describing some of his work, Hodges said, "It is a wonderful life when we can see how beautiful our life is and recognize that much of the bad and negative is perception of our own mind. This earth, this life, have provided us with the broadest and most wondrous palette of imagery the universe has to offer."

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