NHC deputies help 9-year-old honorary deputy celebrate his birthday

NHC deputies help 9-year-old honorary deputy celebrate his birthday
"Officer Travis" with some NHC deputies on his birthday. (Source: Officer Travis's facebook page)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Two years ago Travis Allen was inducted into the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department - at just seven years old!

Travis has known he wanted to be a police officer since he was in Kindergarten.

An officer came to his school to talk about his job and Travis was the first one to walk right up to the officer, shake his hand and introduce himself.

Since then, Travis has been obsessed with anything relating to police officers.

Travis's dad said Travis would take his tool belt and put fake police officer weapons and tools on the belt and walk around pretending to be a police officer.

When he was seven, his parents took him to the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department where the deputies officially swore him in as a junior deputy.

"We got to do all the things there," Travis said. "And the helicopter pulled in and I got to sit in it and they took me for a ride in their newest mustang around their parking lot."

Saturday was Travis's ninth birthday.

Travis's dad called some of the deputies to ask if they could come to their house to help Travis celebrate his birthday.

Of course, the deputies did not disappoint.

Three patrol cars full of deputies showed up right outside the house to help Travis celebrate his special day.

They even let him try on some of their gear.

"We got to take some pictures and then this one cop actually let me borrow a swat helmet, some glasses and a vest," Travis said.

And of course, Travis couldn't let the deputies leave without showing them his collection of patches and all things related to law enforcement.

A few months ago Travis's parents decided to start documenting his journey of developing into the police officer he feels he was meant to be, so they started a Facebook page for him. The page is called "Officer Travis."

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