Farmer prepares plants for possible frost

Farmer prepares plants for possible frost
Possible freezing temperatures later in the week have some farmers in the area preparing for frost. (Source: WECT)

LELAND, NC (WECT) - Possible freezing temperatures later this week have some farmers in the area preparing for frost.

Darryl Taylor, the owner of Taylor's Blueberry Farm, said he doesn't think anything will beat last year's frost, but he will still keep an eye on the forecast.

Last year when temperatures dipped into the 20's, Taylor said he lost more than half of his blueberries.

"That's a lot of money when that's what you're dependent on, so it gets tough," Taylor said.

He's hoping it's not that tough this year. The lowest forecast temperature for the week is expected to come Wednesday at 31 degrees, not too bad for Taylor's crops, he said.

"It's going to hurt a few, but not many," he said. "When it hits 28, 29 and it'll be there all night long a couple of nights in a row, those blueberry bushes are pretty tough, but at that kind of temperature it will knock the flowers off of them and that's the end of them."

Taylor's farm has about 2,000 blueberry bushes and each produces about 20 pounds of blueberries, making about $40 each.

He bought parts to install an irrigation system last year before the big frost wiped out a lot of his produce, but hasn't had a chance to install it yet.

The irrigation system would protect the plants.

"It's kind of ironic how frost will knock them out yet you can freeze over them, and it's like you put a blanket around them, and that's what that water does. It freezes around them. It protects that bud you know where the frost it kills them out," Taylor said.

He said if it gets into the 20's, he has plastic coverings that he will put on all of the bushes to protect them.

Taylor said to protect your plants against the cold, cover them with plastic even if it's just with a trash bag, and bring your plants inside if you can.

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