DermOne changing name, not closing doors

DermOne changing name, not closing doors

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - DermOne, a national heath care provider, is exiting the healthcare market, but Wilmington area DermOne providers will still be practicing under a different name.

Dr. Jonathan Crane, Dr. Christopher Cook, and physicians assistants Carla Rohena and Patricia Hood will still be working at the DermOne location at 1099 Medical Center Drive. The Burgaw and Clinton offices will also remain in practice.

Starting Monday, the office will open as Crane Dermatology Associates. A majority of the staff will remain with Crane Dermatology Associates, and Dr. Kamran Goudarzi and Dr. Michael Cahn from the vein division will also be at work full time.

Crane wants to assure patients that their medical records are secure, their appointments will still be held as scheduled, and the same level of care will be provided.

"Other than a group name change, our dermatology patients should not notice anything except our striving for excellence," said Crane.

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