First responders not the only ones in danger on the side of the road

First responders not the only ones in danger on the side of the road

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers aren't the only ones who put their life on the line when you get into an accident.

Brian Bryant, owns Bryant and Sons towing, said he has been hit by cars while on the job and hardly sees anyone get over for tow trucks and wreckers.

"Give us space," said Bryant. "We are doing a job and really pay attention to what we are trying to do. Plus we pay attention to other drivers too. Either side of it can get us hurt or killed."

The Move Over Law requires drivers to move one lane away from any law enforcement or other emergency vehicle that is on the side of the highway.

While people might think the law might only applies to law enforcement, Bryant wants more people to know that the same rules apply to tow trucks as well.

"People just don't move over," he said. "You know there is a state law now that you are supposed to move over. A lot of people now don't do it. You see them texting. You see them on their phone not paying attention. Most of the time when we are picking up trucks or stranded vehicles they are right on the shoulder of the road. We have got no where to work."

Bryant also added that the fear of employees getting hit adds stress to his job.

"It really bothers me to send employees out," he said. "I have got sons that work here. Sending them out in the middle of the night, you are constantly worried and waiting for that phone call of them heading back in and their safe. Any second someone could swerve, miss, hit us. It really is a dangerous situation."

You can get more information on roadway deaths below.

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