Bells Ring for First Day of School

AUGUST 25, 2005 -- Most of the schools in the area opened their doors Thursday to welcome back students.

This year, students around the state enjoyed an especially long summer break. Lawmakers pushed back the start date to help the tourism industry.

Despite the extra days, many kids we talked to didn't want classes to begin, but they are ready for summer to be over.

For parents, this can be a day of mixed emotions as well, especially for those seeing their first or last child off on their first day of classes.

"I think I'll be happy, but I know I'll be sad. There will be tears, because she's the last one, but then everybody will be in school, and will be on a regular schedule. So, I think it will work out well," says parent Laura Wood.

Wood's daughter was so excited to start kindergarten that Tuesday she packed her bookbag and set out her favorite blue dress to wear to school.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer