Wilmington Welcome Sign Gets Mixed Reviews

AUGUST 24, 2005 -- The plans are in for a new welcome sign for Wilmington, but not everyone thinks it's so welcoming.  The design was submitted by the architectural firm LS3P-Boney.  It was selected after a competition, and it represents wind, water, and sail in abstract form.  It will be placed at the intersection of Interstate 40 and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.

News Six asked several people what they think of the sign. Wilmington residents seem to like the sign, saying it represents the city well. However, tourists think otherwise, saying the design is too simple, lacking the pizzazz that would get their attention.

Cindy Oleary from Kansas City says, "What is it supposed to represent? That would be my question."  When asked what the sign was lacking, Ray McKee of Columbus, Ohio replied, "More of a lot of things, more character, more something. It looks like an antenna that got broken."  Thirteen-year-old Jenny Guck of Plymouth, Minnesota says, "I think it's crafty and all, but I think it could use more color."

Now, lets hear from Wilmington residents.  Jessica Monroe, sitting downtown near the river says, "It could give someone the impression it looks like the bridge over there, and that part looks like a satellite to me, but I like it."  Another Wilmington resident, Laura Ramirez, says, "I like it. I really do. I think it's wonderful."