Two Leland Mobile Home Parks Condemned

AUGUST 24, 2005 --Byrd Shambley and his neighbors in 70 mobile homes at the Brunswick River and Sturgeon Creek Parks in Leland must find a new place to live by September 16.

Their landlord failed to connect their sewer lines to the town's line. It resulted in puddles of human waste settling in front yards.

"You could smell it 24 hours a day when it was unloading," says Shambley.

Town Manager David Hewett says the mobile home parks are condemned for not complying with Leland's mandatory hook up policy.

"The conditions are horrible. There are small children playing in areas. It's ripe for disease," says Hewett.

Town health officials also think the sewage is mixing with the storm water run off and ending up in nearby creeks.

The owner, Steve Robinson, is an economics professor at UNC Wilmington. He already faces more than $4,000 in fines for violations at the mobile home park. He didn't return our calls.

Hewett believes this may be a bigger problem in Brunswick County. They're investigating whether other mobile home parks are breaking the law and leaving residents like Shambley and his family to live near streams of sewage.

Reported by Maggie Alexander