Thom Goolsby on Bullying in School

Bullying in School

Bullying in school is a typical problem for many students. Attorney Thom Goolsby of the Currin Law Firm stopped by Carolina in the Morning to discuss some intelligent legal ways to stop this pervasive problem.

What should parents do, step-by-step, if their child is being bullied at school?

First, if your child is being bullied, you must demand that the school deal with the bully immediately. Accept nothing less than a prompt end to all endangerment of your child. Demand nothing less than the absolute protection of your child. You should prepare a letter immediately and send it to the principal and assistant principal in charge of discipline by any and all means, including email, regular mail and fax. This will provide you with a record of your demand to have the bullying stopped.

What should the parents expect to happen to the bully?

The bully's parents must be confronted by the school. As well, the bully should be told that his/her behavior is wrong and forbidden. The parents must be told that their child will be suspended or expelled from school if the behavior continues, in accordance with the guidelines for the school system.

After complaining to the principal, assistant principal and teacher, if the problems do not cease, what should you do now?

Complain to the superintendent and the school board. You can also send a copy of your complaint to the superintendent of public instruction at the NC Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh .

What else can parents do to protect their children?

If the abuse rises to a level of criminality, including assault which in North Carolina is "harmful or offensive touching," communication of threats of bodily harm or harassing phone calls, criminal charges can be filed with the magistrate.

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